Vikki is a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage in Buffalo, NY. Vikki obtained additional training in myofascial release and orthopedic massage and is Reiki certified. Performing massage in a number of locations in the city of Rochester, she finally settled into an office in Penfield within Dr. Goodbody’s chiropractic office for 5 years and then practiced solo in her own professional suite also in Penfield. The practice was built on providing results to reduce pain from injury and stress and included a large percentage of no fault and workers compensation cases. Vikki has also provided case management review for insurance companies involving lawsuits.

After 10 years of massage practice, Vikki attended MCC to complete her nursing degree. Vikki then obtained nursing experience in nursing homes, hospital bedside care, tissue and organ recovery for transplant, home care nursing, and telehealth monitoring. In January 2022, she retired from active nursing work in order to return to massage.

Massage work has always provided Vikki with the opportunity to really help people in finding relief from physical pain with the hope that it leads to improved emotional and spiritual health.

  • Rochester, New York, United States